About me

Name: Saara Sofia
Twitter: @SaaraSofiaP
Nationality: Finnish
Town of origin: Helsinki, Finland

Currently residing: Chichester, United Kingdom/Greater London, United Kingdom
Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, French
Likes: Musicals, theatre, singing, dance, acting, horse-riding, parrots, motorbikes, reading, writing, languages, linguistics, philosophy, psychology...

I am currently in my third year of BA Music and Musical Theatre at the University of Chichester in Southern England. When I'm not at university, I reside on the outskirts of London where my mum lives. 

I am a bit of a musical theatre geek so I like to keep on top of what's happening in the musical theatre world.
I work part-time as an Optical Consultant which basically means I sell people glasses and contact lenses. It's a great job: not only do you get to chat to a lot of different people, you feel like you are doing something worthwhile by helping people see.

Although my blog is very focused on musical theatre, I try to get a little bit of variety in too. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Ideas for blog posts are also very welcome :)