Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Finnish personality trait cont.

Just a short continuation to earlier post as I found a video which, in a hilarious way, sums up the stereotypical Finn at the start (up to 2:45). The rest, about the tango, is funny to watch but, before watching this video, I had never heard that tango would be anything especially associated with Finland.


  1. Very nice blog :-) Keep it up!

  2. OMG...found out that I have Finnish ancestry(explains everything)...I think the stereotypes are inherited...I hate smalltalk but taught myself to participate(I'm American)so that others would be comfortable...I avoid the stare of strangers and become angry that they are staring...when my older sister tells me she loves me I always mumble "k"...then get angry that she keeps saying that too often and know I don't like it(I'm weird that way)...have always been asked why I am so quiet... I'm not quiet with people that I know(after several years)...people are so rude...a lot goes on inside...just private...I can go on and on....this is too much!