Monday, December 12, 2011

'Wicked' muck-up matinee

I have been asked by a couple of people to give some details about what muck-ups took place in the matinee performance on 10th December at Wicked London.

What is a muck-up matinee?
A brief explanation to those who are not familiar with the concept. In the West End shows, musicals in particular, tend to have long runs and there will be changes in the cast along the way. The last matinee of a cast before they leave and another cast takes over is traditionally called a muck-up matinee. In this performance the cast members may choose to tweak the show a little bit by doing ad-libs, swapping costumes or props or by saying each others' lines for instance. Most of the time the changes are of such nature that people who have not seen the show before do not realise that there is anything wrong and in principle it is still a normal performance of the show. 

Here goes:

Principal cast: Rachel Tucker (Elphaba), Louise Dearman (Glinda), Mark Evans (Fiyero), Clive Carter (The Wizard), Julie Legrand (Madame Morrible), Zoe Rainey (Nessarose), Ben Stott (Boq)
This was the last matinee for all principal cast except Rachel and Julie as well as for some ensemble members. 

  • Arrival to Shiz: Nessarose was wearing a blue hat which could later be seen on one of the Shiz students.
  • What Is This Feeling: Elphaba made a face at her reflection in Galinda's mirror.
  • Dancing Through Life (when Glinda decides to give the black hat to Elphaba): Jennifer Tierney (ensemble) used her Scottish accent for "Galinda, what in Oz name?!". She also does this later for "Like a terrible green lizard throughout the land she flies."
  • Ozdust Ballroom: Elphaba did a half-improvised dance which involved her rolling on the floor. Galinda copied her.
  • Popular: Elphaba and Galinda took a really long time to say "green".
  • Popular: The lipstick Galinda put on Elphaba was bright red and sparkly.
  • Popular: Elphaba: "This is never going to work." Galinda *goes to her shoes*: "Ooooh! Shooooooe!"
  • Popular: When Galinda threw her wand off-stage, someone threw it back on and it landed at Elphaba and Galinda’s feet. They looked at it for a long time before Galinda carefully picked it up and threw it off again. 
  • Classroom: Fiyero: "It's just, you've been Galindafied. Toss toss! *giggle*".
  • Classroom: The man who brought in the lion cub had made a small ponytail in his wig and he could not say his 'R's.
  • Lion cub scene (just before 'I'm Not That Girl'): When Fiyero ran across the stage with the lion cub to exit, Galinda ran after him. 
  • Train station: Boq: "I can't do this anymore. Toss toss!"
  • Train station: Fiyero gave Elphaba a green envelope instead of flowers.

  • The Wicked Witch of the East (as Elphaba exits): Elphaba to Nessarose: "Frankly, dear, I don't give a damn."
  • As Long As You're Mine: Not a muck up but I have got to give a mention to Mark's beautiful riff.
  • As Long As You're Mine: Some proper arse-grabbing from Fiyero, Fiyero and Elphaba looked like they were eating each others' faces off during the kiss at the end. It was unclear from where I was sitting whether it was Fiyero pulling Elphaba or Elphaba pushing but they ended up lying onstage on top of each other still kissing.
  • Cat-fight scene: Elphaba and Glinda were fighting for longer because the guards delayed their entrance.
  • Fiyero's capture (after the cat fight): When Fiyero pointed his gun at Glinda, she stepped forward and pressed her forehead against the muzzle. 
  • March of the Witch Hunters: One ensemble member carried a spray-bottle instead of a pitchfork.
  • March of the Witch Hunters: One of the women had a moustache on.
  • March of the Witch Hunters: Some of the wigs had been switched around; some wigs from 'Thank Goodness' were used.
  • Chistery handing Elphaba the note about Fiyero's death: Some other pieces of paper fall onto the floor from Chistery's hand. 
  • Curtain call: Rachel and Louise both wore funny glasses: Rachel yellow and Louise pink ones.
  • Curtain call: Mark did his 'Moves like Mevans' (explanation for that can be found in this video).

This was the first time I attended a muck-up matinee and it was only my second time seeing Wicked in London so I am fairly certain I did not catch all the muck-ups that took place. Please feel free to modify or add to the list by commenting :)

Big thanks to Gemma for adding to my list and to Alisha for confirming a couple of uncertainties.

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