Sunday, December 30, 2012

Things that happened in 2012

I saw a post like this in someone's blog and I thought it was quite a nice idea: recap on all the major things that have happened in 2012.

  • January: I started taking classes in tap and musical theatre as well as continuing with private singing lessons.
  • February: I started working as an optical consultant again after having dropped out of my Law course at university at the end of last year and having spent Christmas in Finland with my relatives.
  • I started seeing a lot of shows, musicals in particular, as I now had the funds to do that. By doing this, and also by going to musical theatre cabarets, I got meet a lot of the fellow musical theatre fans I had spoken to on Twitter.
  • April: I performed in a cabaret, Insane about Broadway, at Charing Cross Theatre after taking a musical theatre Sunday programme. 
  • I started taking jazz and ballet classes in addition to tap.
  • June: I had a problem with my gums so I went to the dentist's for the first time in about four years.
  • I successfully auditioned for a 1-year musical theatre foundation course.
  • July: The Olympics taking over London - Londoners were mostly dreading it but everything went smoother than expected. I went to see women's handball in the Olympic Park.
  • September: I visited Finland for the first time since the beginning of the year.
  • I started my musical theatre foundation course and became a part-timer at work.
  • October: I was allocated the role of Little Bo-Peep in an amateur pantomime in January and rehearsals for the show started.
  • December: I passed my CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and bought myself a motorbike which I started using for commuting to college and work.

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