Friday, October 4, 2013

MT Soundtracker: Day 4

Chaplin the Musical original Broadway cast album

Chaplin the Musical (2006)

Original Broadway Cast Recording

Music and lyrics: Christopher Curtis

Plot outline:The musical tells the story of the iconic Charlie Chaplin, focusing on his path to stardom from London concert halls to Hollywood. 

I really liked this soundtrack overall and I will definitely keep coming back to it. Already the first song, Look at All the People, made me want to listen to the rest of the recording. There are a number of catchy tunes such as Watcha Gonna Do?. The music in style is a mixture between that in a modern Broadway musical and something you might find in a Charlie Chaplin film. The current Broadway sound is more dominant - even listening to the songs not knowing the year of production, it is obvious this is a new musical.
All the songs are well worth listening to but I would like to bring attention to the gorgeous What Only Love Can See, which Charlie's wife Oona first sings solo but the reprise is a duet between the couple. It has pleasant, fairytale-like melody patterns and it fits the voice of Erin Mackey, who sings the part of Oona, brilliantly. 

The show had its Broadway debut in 2012 but it was short-lived and it did not gain much critical acclaim. I would imagine making a musical out of Charlie Chaplin's colourful life to be a huge challenge. I salute anyone who has managed to cram his achievements into 2,5 hours. 

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